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jeudi 30 juin 2011

Red bloody red and military green.

that's it here we go !

The bloody foutain and the mausoleum ended in something
a litle bit more organic than i expected. I do not use texturing so often but
as i've found this time a cool one that could fit in well, i couldn't help myself from using it.

giving some credits to (those blood bubles were really nice to set up the bloody fountain and to give a strong feeling to the rocks, now they make me think about orgainc corals).

Military green and a grey blueish landscape. we have this open gate.
Orange stripes give us the way to go. I'am not so used to work with low saturated colors,
so I've decided to get over it with a loving "HDR" use.

vendredi 17 juin 2011

A truck with tires and a bloody fountain.

Hi folks and readers !
Here are some new WIP, in black and white of course.
Some of you prefer to work in a coloured flavor basis, but,
I can't seem to figure out for myself. I have tried many times before, but
for me it seems realy easier so i can keep the sketch totally virgin, like an Iron Maiden.

It's also good to keep a track in black and white for me, in case of something could go wrong
in the colouring process. I have experimented these kind of issues before, and this is something
I DO NOT wana encounter again.

Another information : still waiting for my new press releases !

Enough talking let's the pictures speak for themselves :
Behind the line :  a first experiment to design a kind of military truck.
As it is not safe to live outside you have to get some weaponery.
This is why the living place is behind this gate and its fence.

This is the mausoleum of the prince of darkness, from wich is
flowing the bloody fountain.
Below the statue the tomb keeper is doing is job.

mardi 7 juin 2011

Tuesday Up ! Ships with Ground holes and a litle orange.

Hi all Folks !
There we go with the colored stuff.

Ground Holes profiler - hey litle buildings !

It is always strange when going into color what sometimes can be whispering in your mind.
I don't know why but the pathway below had to be "orange".
Goin' back to work, i have some B'nW stuff to do.
Greetings from France !

The orange pathway - thnx clone stamp tool for my litle crowd.