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samedi 31 décembre 2011

Happy new year and late Christmas !

Some stuff and funny while I'm busy on some others projetcs,
Here is the New year card, and a funny picture to thanx Igor for his Animation !
Happy New year all !

Get Ready for 2012, and take your weapons kids ! The game is to find 2012 !

mercredi 14 décembre 2011

Concept Art : Environments drops and Digital Artist shots !

The funny fact is I had began the sketch below, before green peace drops into  french nuclear centrals.
Also the long awaited grainy shots from that old DA I've received last week after months of delay,
and the fabulous mistake taken for "Real of infinity" instead of "Realm". You know sometimes shit happens,
and sometimes it happens on you, no matter what you have done. Life is strange isn't it ?

I made two versions of this one cause I could not decide which colors I liked best, but I wanted to see how deep could I go in the process of something more refined. The most tricky part was to set the right mood according to what I had exactly in mind.

Now the funny one from which green peace has stolen the idea of doing it....ain't that fun ?

And now the long promised shots, so nobody will say I'm lying over what I'm doing...

The Real of infinity, I'd wish I could read the pre-release magasine...

mercredi 7 décembre 2011

Concept Art : Time flies away, always and a lost cover.

Almost one week has already passed, so it's time to put up some new things around here.
I made some completions in the others black and white sketches I wanted to make.
And I have had also the time to take on the colored road, two from the precedent post.
It's funny how you can find always new routes to refine your works, funny things, and
funny way to have some texturing done.

I have finally received my issue of Digital artist, I have been waiting for it since May.
I guess I'll post some shots of them, even if they're oldies, soon.

Also the cover project that has made for Digital untill the final selection. Unfortunately not further.

jeudi 1 décembre 2011

CONCEPT SHIPS HEADER ! Thank you IGOR You're awesome !

This is a personal post and message to say a HUGE THANX and HUG to IGOR from concept ships,
where I have today a web publication. The most and better surprise was the DECEMBER header.
Igor made an awesome work as usual, and I'm really proud to be there. Get your litle feets and head over

For a lot of awesome artists and awesome work.