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mercredi 25 mai 2011

Some Really Recent Art and not Released Yet !

Hi Folks and welcome to my blog.
Here is some recent Stuff and exclusive previews i'd like to share with you.
I will share my thoughts about what i'm currently doing in an art point of view.
To begin with some recent experiments in Fantasy and Sf.
Beasts'riders for digital artist !

Die as a soldier ".©Digital Artist.

Odd Chronicles.©Digital Artist.

Discovering the Realm of infinity".©Digital Artist.
Facing Them !

Loneliness of a pirate.©Advanced Creation.

Night Harbour.

Red Lights in the Sky.

Refinery 51B.

The Summoning.©Advanced Creation.

Throne Room.©Advanced Creation.

1 commentaire:

  1. Salut Chico,

    Bravo pour l'édition manga,autant de créas sur un seul numéro, c'est la première fois je crois... Une belle série, homogène, on prend plaisir à les regarder... Keep it flowing babe...