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vendredi 6 juillet 2012

Panels and Panels !

I think I was about to die working 6 on 7 by week, but I'm still alive !
I'm happy today cause the weather's grey, and I'm almost done with my new project.
I'm gona extend my skills to an other domain which also involve creation of course,
and a hell lot of silicon. I really love those chemicals type of product, though they are
sticky and sticky, and awfull to wash away if you have some on your cloths or worse
uncatalized silicon on your floor or furniture. It's awesome.

First a panel, I'll let you guess what will be the purpose of this ! It's easy to find out....

And then my litle painted chemical piece of art. I guess I have spent too many time on Deck 16....
Those were the years coupled to the arcade ones. Gaming today really begins to suck, stuck in its own
repetitive and uncreative marketing mass ruling process......Call of my ass.......DLC loving groupies, SEGA agonizing and dying inside, Nintendon't, Wii U, Play U, Game U, Eff U....
Japanese are really stronger with 2D than 3D and occidentalisation. This reminds me of the days we loved
japanes import games on the SNES, cause they were Japanese, with their own style and universe.

Believe me 2D will come back, sooner than you expect, and retro will rule over cloud gaming, and gaming
screwing platforms as Origin or even Steam (even I think steam is quite okay). The day everyone will realise they are stuck to that ombilical cable, and if it's cut, nor more games or refund, and they lack the physical support, this will be fun. Play with friends in real life is better than playin' with Kevin and his Mic online.

I'm going to open my art SHOP soon ! Great isn't it ?

samedi 26 mai 2012

Concept Art : Bus to nowhere.

While diggin' around to find a litle bit of free time, I went out with these new concepts sketchs in black and white. I can say I'm eager to get in the coloring process, and also I'm surely advancing in the project I had mentioned a few posts down before. So for today we have at the menu :

First a really great and spacious interior, and this could be a map to have some frags on !

Second another exercice on interiors, with kinda of levitating coffins, this was a lot of fun.

And then working on some vertical sized painting, with a litle flyby over some base, in which I wanted not to be really far away from the elements of the composition, tryin to say in some human scale thing.

And as a dessert, just a bus to nowhere.

samedi 19 mai 2012

Concept Art : Revelations !

So first I'm really happy to show the most litle part of what I'm working on for several months.
This is a great project, and the image I'm showing and sharing can be find also on the agent's website.
This is great cause all things begin to be more and more concrete everyday.

You just need to know one thing, it involves really cool robots transforming into awesome vehicles officially liscenced by cars manufacturers.

And then I had finally some time to finish my Tiger Shark painting which I dedicate to Wolfgang Leander from Oceanic Dreams, this man has guts and is really kind. He perfectly understand what nature is and what  sharks are all about. Who has never dreamt to hug a Tiger shark or a Great White ? So now I'm just gona say Fuck you to all those stupid bastards eating sharks or sharks fins soup, and also the ones fishing in a gruesome way and decimating the population. If you want some shark painting don't hesitate and feel free to contact me.

I have always loved sharks Since I'm a kid.

lundi 7 mai 2012

5 and 6, serie terminated and looking at the wild.

You know in those strange times, I had just the guts and eyes to finish those two last pieces.
I was kinda stuck a lot in hesitation about color picking and adjusting values.
There was too much thinking about a lot of things. by the way I mean that world is going crazy,
and I think a lot of us are missing lotta things about wild life. Personnally I'd sometimes more than
really like to live amongst sharks. Those are really great animals. On the contrary Sharks movies are just plain unreal bullshit, and Shark killing doesn't deserve any crown. Our own specie domination is just plain selfish,
and inexcusable, our global human comportment is worst than the ones we dare call beast.

This is the day we all trucks, and cars will be the new living places, and new slums, cheers to overpopulation, and stupid fucking monkeys.

A litle paint, with almost no refs for the birthday of my godmother.

mercredi 25 avril 2012

Concept Art publication :Ghost from the past, and a view to the future.

So we go for an update I have happily find. One of the Cghub buddy have noticed my old publication in the Imagine Fx expose gallery, issue 74, October 2011. So I'm quite happy to see that today as I had really no idea of what was going on with that, what has happenned.

And also a Sneak preview of the Digital Artist mag which will be available in July, god damn it !
And you know what all the sketch has been made with the lasso polygonal tool ! Awesome !

samedi 14 avril 2012

Concept Art : 3and4 on 6, lunch time.

Hi guys just had the time to finish those two ones, I hope you'll like them ! Hey I need members so come on and follow me !

jeudi 5 avril 2012

Concept Art : 2on6

Papers flying away like a Letter from the lost days.
I have find some new ways again to improve the rendering in my works, why would not use the Lasso polygonal tool, it's extremly powerful in the end even for rounded shapes. I just hate the pen tool so much.

jeudi 29 mars 2012

Concept Art : 1on6

Okay there we go for the first one, and I suppose we'll have New art dump very soon.
I've tried also to find new way to approach the same tech I've been using for a while.
I wanted to have on this one a more painterly feeling, and also something really straight.
Adding characters and a superstructure and a spaceship wasn't an easy task, trying to push me further.

jeudi 22 mars 2012

Concept Art publication : Some news from press :

First Hello to Ludo Weyden, who makes awesome works you can check HERE, and then :

Hi Ladies and gentleman, you know what, I think I'm gona make a reconversion, in coding javascript,
godamn, I really hate doing that, it's such obvious for my mind after CSS....After Two weeks, I' have managed to have the code right, for the big project I have talked about in my previous post ! Better than use window.onload

function addEvent(objet, evenement, fonction){
  var estNormal = objet.addEventListener;
  var estIE     = objet.attachEvent;
  if (estNormal){
    // On vérifie ici qu'on est bien dans le cas d'un navigateur aux
    // normes (Mozilla, Opera, Safari)
    objet.addEventListener(evenement, fonction, false);
    return true;
  } else if (estIE){
    // Cas de Microsoft Internet Explorer
    var retour = objet.attachEvent("on" + evenement, fonction);
    return retour;
  } else {
    // Autres cas
    return false;
addEvent(window, 'load', yourfunction);
addEvent(window, 'load', yourfunction2);

Look at that how obvious it is for my eyes, i'm not a coder really, but this was the resolve for the javascript conflict. Hopefully the following saved my mind !

The book and its cover

samedi 17 mars 2012

CSS and Art, Reach for the Sky !

Okay It's been a while, and you know why, because big things are hidden under the wheel.
I have hung my head over CSS for two reason, the first one is for somthing that will come out soon, and
you may be interested in. The second one is that I had to have this blog to look better, and now it's done.
I'm hate coding, cause I really sux at it, but while banging ang smashing my head against every wall surrounding me, I came up learning some basic stuff which was really practical and usefull ! I may fix one or two things the next days, but well we'll see later about that. I had a wonderfull time working on some pro work, and I hope one day I could show them here or elsewhere over there. The other project has taken away some of my time and when it'll be up and accessible from here, I really hope you'll like that.

Also I've put up a contact form so if one of you have any question, drop me an email. Supporting is always welcomed.

In the end I was also able to put some black and white roughs up, and here they are ! Stay tuned Kids !

mercredi 7 mars 2012

From past to present.

There we go for some colors, and for my two cents I'd wish sometimes I'd live in another world, and not being surrounded by some bullshiters. Hopefully there are good guys that I know, good clients, good friends, and those ones know who they are. Also There are good readers and nice members who have some kind of interest in what I do, I just wana thank you for everything, for nothing.
I had finally the guts to redo the color work on this one, and to add fancy fresh details.

I draw war because of hearing war everyday, I dedicate this one to all the Syrians suffering from bullshit, Take that tank down.

Finally I will call it Exodus 356, Let's take off and go far away from our world.

Or Stay Back somewhere in time, meet some good knights and witches.

jeudi 23 février 2012

Header in Press, and a Tatoo :

There we go before the next colored update. I'm navigating actually lost in the pro-work galaxy,
with some stuff that had almost caused me some violent headaches. But in the end all things may come to a solution. Who has ever said that what easy to conceive a transforming process...
But well what we have today is a publication in French press edition of 3D mag in which I have spoken about
the header project of concept ships, and the work I had done to make this possible. This was also the occasion to make a bit of advertising for Igor in the press, and here are the scans, so feel free to use them Igor.

A bit small cause they have fucked up the page layout...

so we have a bigger close-up of this.
And now something that someone will have all his life on his back. A client of mine have asked me if I could do a tatoo for his wife's sista. And god damn it, I have done it, and now it's on her back. My first version was a bit of hardcore, so it has been revamped a litle to be more soft. Anyway I'm glad but a bit ashamed the tatooer wasn't skilled enough to make a perfect reproduction of the art. Not that I'm saying my art is perfect, just that the result of the on skin reproduction, is not what I would have really expected to be.

tatoos are hard to do but it is huge too ! I'm on  your back !

And to finish this bigger than I thought post, Here are the personnal wip I'm working on for future edition and press project, and, you'll be able to see them bigger in the next update.

Thanx for reading folks and have all a great day.

samedi 11 février 2012

Concept Art : Citadel and Tanks

Okay, after taking a few days to rest and going for snow, a litle quickies update !
I'd like to thank StuG for a litle inspirational boost, cause I was really dry after a hard month of work.
So I made this litle inspirational kinda tribute to his awesome work on custom military model kits !
This guy is very talented and you can check his work here

StuG this one is for you !
Been a while I have not done a medieval fantasy piece !

Stupid spaceship, no ideas so that's it !

lundi 23 janvier 2012

Out of the shadows

I'm out the shadows today, I could have five minutes to midnight to terminate some of the previous concepts.
I'm pretty happy in simplifying the process and compositions, with a short timelaps among other pro work I can't speak about, it has been around 12 paintings for this month which sounds almost crazy.

Lot of vertical stuff !