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samedi 26 mai 2012

Concept Art : Bus to nowhere.

While diggin' around to find a litle bit of free time, I went out with these new concepts sketchs in black and white. I can say I'm eager to get in the coloring process, and also I'm surely advancing in the project I had mentioned a few posts down before. So for today we have at the menu :

First a really great and spacious interior, and this could be a map to have some frags on !

Second another exercice on interiors, with kinda of levitating coffins, this was a lot of fun.

And then working on some vertical sized painting, with a litle flyby over some base, in which I wanted not to be really far away from the elements of the composition, tryin to say in some human scale thing.

And as a dessert, just a bus to nowhere.

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