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samedi 19 mai 2012

Concept Art : Revelations !

So first I'm really happy to show the most litle part of what I'm working on for several months.
This is a great project, and the image I'm showing and sharing can be find also on the agent's website.
This is great cause all things begin to be more and more concrete everyday.

You just need to know one thing, it involves really cool robots transforming into awesome vehicles officially liscenced by cars manufacturers.

And then I had finally some time to finish my Tiger Shark painting which I dedicate to Wolfgang Leander from Oceanic Dreams, this man has guts and is really kind. He perfectly understand what nature is and what  sharks are all about. Who has never dreamt to hug a Tiger shark or a Great White ? So now I'm just gona say Fuck you to all those stupid bastards eating sharks or sharks fins soup, and also the ones fishing in a gruesome way and decimating the population. If you want some shark painting don't hesitate and feel free to contact me.

I have always loved sharks Since I'm a kid.

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