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lundi 7 mai 2012

5 and 6, serie terminated and looking at the wild.

You know in those strange times, I had just the guts and eyes to finish those two last pieces.
I was kinda stuck a lot in hesitation about color picking and adjusting values.
There was too much thinking about a lot of things. by the way I mean that world is going crazy,
and I think a lot of us are missing lotta things about wild life. Personnally I'd sometimes more than
really like to live amongst sharks. Those are really great animals. On the contrary Sharks movies are just plain unreal bullshit, and Shark killing doesn't deserve any crown. Our own specie domination is just plain selfish,
and inexcusable, our global human comportment is worst than the ones we dare call beast.

This is the day we all trucks, and cars will be the new living places, and new slums, cheers to overpopulation, and stupid fucking monkeys.

A litle paint, with almost no refs for the birthday of my godmother.

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