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samedi 17 mars 2012

CSS and Art, Reach for the Sky !

Okay It's been a while, and you know why, because big things are hidden under the wheel.
I have hung my head over CSS for two reason, the first one is for somthing that will come out soon, and
you may be interested in. The second one is that I had to have this blog to look better, and now it's done.
I'm hate coding, cause I really sux at it, but while banging ang smashing my head against every wall surrounding me, I came up learning some basic stuff which was really practical and usefull ! I may fix one or two things the next days, but well we'll see later about that. I had a wonderfull time working on some pro work, and I hope one day I could show them here or elsewhere over there. The other project has taken away some of my time and when it'll be up and accessible from here, I really hope you'll like that.

Also I've put up a contact form so if one of you have any question, drop me an email. Supporting is always welcomed.

In the end I was also able to put some black and white roughs up, and here they are ! Stay tuned Kids !

2 commentaires:

  1. superbe black and white illus ! specialiser en scence fiction ! je suis toujour aussi fan , keep it up !!!

  2. Thanx a lot man ! Yeah I love that so much ! SF RULEZ !