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jeudi 23 février 2012

Header in Press, and a Tatoo :

There we go before the next colored update. I'm navigating actually lost in the pro-work galaxy,
with some stuff that had almost caused me some violent headaches. But in the end all things may come to a solution. Who has ever said that what easy to conceive a transforming process...
But well what we have today is a publication in French press edition of 3D mag in which I have spoken about
the header project of concept ships, and the work I had done to make this possible. This was also the occasion to make a bit of advertising for Igor in the press, and here are the scans, so feel free to use them Igor.

A bit small cause they have fucked up the page layout...

so we have a bigger close-up of this.
And now something that someone will have all his life on his back. A client of mine have asked me if I could do a tatoo for his wife's sista. And god damn it, I have done it, and now it's on her back. My first version was a bit of hardcore, so it has been revamped a litle to be more soft. Anyway I'm glad but a bit ashamed the tatooer wasn't skilled enough to make a perfect reproduction of the art. Not that I'm saying my art is perfect, just that the result of the on skin reproduction, is not what I would have really expected to be.

tatoos are hard to do but it is huge too ! I'm on  your back !

And to finish this bigger than I thought post, Here are the personnal wip I'm working on for future edition and press project, and, you'll be able to see them bigger in the next update.

Thanx for reading folks and have all a great day.

samedi 11 février 2012

Concept Art : Citadel and Tanks

Okay, after taking a few days to rest and going for snow, a litle quickies update !
I'd like to thank StuG for a litle inspirational boost, cause I was really dry after a hard month of work.
So I made this litle inspirational kinda tribute to his awesome work on custom military model kits !
This guy is very talented and you can check his work here

StuG this one is for you !
Been a while I have not done a medieval fantasy piece !

Stupid spaceship, no ideas so that's it !