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lundi 3 octobre 2011

Sci Fi concepts colored !

Here are the last shots after the coloring process, if one of you may be interested in see more of the process
I may go further on a special post. What I love with green is that when used in a certain way it does not
look like a greenish Alienish dirty color. there was the purpose of this colored experimentation.

Today, I realize how it's important to have Blacks black and Whites white (this sentence makes me feel odd).
One day I may also post a really old garbage P.O.S, hence you could see that nothin is impossible.

4 commentaires:

  1. Good , good ! keep it up !
    toujours la pour painter ! c'est bien sa !

  2. Salut Chico mio,

    Muy bien très cher, tu boulonnes bien je vois, ça sort bien de ta tablette... J'aime particulièrement le dernier. Je suis content de mon taf également, je suis entouré de grands crus, un rêve... A plus amigo, take care...

  3. Thanks guys, and cheers, it's always a pleasure to dump with new fresh art.

  4. juste une question, sa gagne combien un concept artist en tant que salarié ? et freelance ?