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samedi 6 août 2011

Chinatown, Bad guys a Ninja, and a spaceship in a space city :

 Summer time but still some projects going on !

First i think I'have played this time too much retro-games, and those highly inspired by,
are kind of tributes to these fantastic universe.
Hello to Shinobi, final fight or other thunderforce inspiration.

As i'm not really used to draw a lot of characters, work was litle bit longer than i Expected.
In the end i'm glad to share it !
If Bad guys ala Final Fight would meet a Shinobi in Chinatown, this will be my concept-art point of view.
The litle Space battle ship as taken its revenge against a big evil masta robot.

2 commentaires:

  1. bo concept art , quoi de neuf ? moi je compte m'acheter la cintiq 21 UX pour mentrainer comme un malade dessus

  2. Hey salut, merci ! super choix pour la 21UX, super prix, mais avec ce matos tu ne seras pas déçu, moi j'ai une 12WX, mais au final je me sers peu de l'écran. Par conre niveau feeling et sensibilité ça change la vie.