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mardi 16 août 2011

Sushi time for Baddies in a color explosion !

Under the bright moonlight when crime is roaming in the city like a bad plague,
you may sometimes wish some good Ninja would make some sushi's in the street.
 On the other end as Vengeance is a dish better served cold, and this was my first attempt
to make an explosion in a concept-art (or whatever you wana call it).

Hopefully, i'm on time with the deadline I have.
Shurikens and katana vs Bad guys, a lot of work has been put in the lanterns.

Just Ka-BOOM !

Here are some close-ups, i'm quite proud of the results.
I really love green lights on the spaceship. More i Really love spaceships.

2 commentaires:

  1. Salut Chico,

    J'aime beaucoup le spaceship, c'est super léché, vraiment très agréable à regarder. A mon souvenir, c'est ce que tu as fait de plus léché, le vaisseau est bien détaillé, c chic.
    Le shinobi est cool mais j'aime moins les méchants... A plus, keep it coming...

  2. Hey thank you ! Quite happy you have loved the Shinobi also. But well, now that I have a new process for making faces you should be more happy to look at future bad guys when i make them.
    For the spaceships i really begin to be used making them. It's more easy now.